What’s Been Going On?

Below are some choice items that I have had the opportunity to work with

Canadian Pong Clone?

Pong wasn’t just about Atari.

My First Computer

Not great, but this cousin is fun!

The iMac I Deserve

It’s big, bulky, heavy, and it sucks.

5 Seconds of Fun

Portable gaming in the past sucked.

“Serious collectors that I know are focused on the art. They are not looking for a decorative item, or a good investment. There is some aspect of the work itself that has hooked them.” –Eleanor Blair

Some of my friends think that I am a hoarder. In a way, I am. I love old tech, and was interested in computers from an early age. I wanted to know more about them, how they worked, and what I could do with them. Most of it was about the games, but even back then I had to try things. Not having much pocket money, I started by dumpster diving for old PC’s from the local college, and would spend hours trying to get some life back into them. Some days it worked out swimmingly. Other days it was just nothing but frustration. But it was fun.

Over the years, I have gained and lost quite a few numbers of systems, games, and components. Each had a story to tell. Some were short, and some had a history to them. As I continue on the journey, I am hoping to share some of this with you all.